Most Common Questions

Q. Is this a REAL share of stock?

A: Yes! Once we RECEIVE your order, WE PROVIDE TO THE TRANSFER AGENT a request for the Issuance of a Single Share of the company of your choice, to be issued in the name you have provided in the order. We offer real single share stock ownership and paper certificates of stock suitable for framing when available. You may purchase as many individual shares that you desire, however the transfer fee we charge, WILL apply per each share ordered. We are a gift company and all items we offer are for gift and decorative purposes only. The share you recieve is actual ownership in the company you have chose.

Q. Are You A Broker Dealer or Agent?

A: is NOT a registered brokerage firm or securities dealer UNDER GUIDANCE OF FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS, OUR COMPANY PROVIDES FULL DISCLOSURE THAT WE ARE NOT CONDUCTING BUSINESS AS A REGISTERED BROKER, DEALER/ AGENT OR PRINCIPAL. WE ALSO ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PROVIDE IN ANY FORM, INVESTMENT ADVICE ON YOUR PURCHASE. All items that we offer are for decorative purposes only. We are required to provide all single shares matted or framed as described in Florida rule 69W-500.018

Q. Why (when) do I need to give you a social security number?

A. Some companies require a social security number to obtain a paper certificate of stock ...most do not.

To transfer a single share of stock from our company to your giftee we primarily need the name and mailing address of the shareholder and the name of the custodian if the giftee is under the age of 18.

Q. Is your website safe and secure?

A. Yes! Security is of utmost importance to us, that is why we have selected PayPal pro for our online credit card processor. Following are the steps PayPal takes to safeguard your information:

You can count on PayPal’s data encryption to help keep transaction and financial information secure

Antifraud risk models. Our proprietary antifraud risk models and fraud-detection techniques help detect and predict fraud – before it affects your business.

Industry-leading use of data encryption. PayPal’s industry-leading use of data encryption helps ensure your transactions are secure.

Safeguarding financial information. We don’t share buyers’ financial information with sellers, so your customers feel more secure and confident buying from you.

Industry-standard services. We use industry-recognized Address Verification Service and card security codes to help prevent credit card fraud.

Patent-pending verification. Our proprietary bank account verification helps reduce fraud by asking buyers and sellers to verify their bank and credit card accounts.

Antifraud team. eBay and PayPal have more than 2,000 people working on trust and safety issues to help keep both the marketplace and the PayPal service safer.

Q. What is a rush certificate replica and what does it look like? NOTE: ALL RUSH OPTIONS ARE GUARANTEED FOR USA DELIVERY ADDRESSES ONLY

A: A certificate replica is a high quality representation of the collectible certificate that your lucky individual can receive in as little as a 48 - 72 hours..(2-3 day or 7-14 day options available)... The real collectible certificate (if your selection has not stopped offering paper certificates and if all required certificate printing fees are provided) arrives in 5 - 7 weeks and can be easily inserted into the framing of your choice...

Q. What is the Transfer Fee?

A: The transfer fee is the fee to transfer stock ownership from our company to your recipient and covers all the costs involved in creating a single share book-entry stock ownership account for your recipent and obtaining a single share stock certificate if available..please note..certain selections currently require an additional certificate printing fee to obtain the actual stock certificate. Also note: due to the current condtions with obtaining stock certificates reserves the right to provide a high quality replica should the selection you choose decide to stop offering paper stock certificates. Please see our terms of service to see if your selection requires the certificate printing fee.

Q. I am a foreigner, am I allowed to purchase a share?

A: Sure! As long as you complete a Form W-8 for the United States Internal Revenue Service you may purchase shares of any of the companies we offer. This form will be mailed to you from the company you are purchasing and is to certify your foreign status

Q. I have 3 children that I wish to purchase one share of stock for, may I have it issued in all 3 names? Or may, Both myself and my spouse own a share together?

A: Sure, All names will appear on the certificate, but with a JT TEN after the names, which stands for Joint Tenancy, Only one S.S # is required and one address. Ownership will belong to all 3 children, however the children must be over 18. On the order form simply type in Fred and Mary as the first name followed by the last name, as an example. It is also acceptable to register a share in two different last names, provided the individuals are over 18.

Q. I received my share and on the face of the certificate it states Par Value $.01 is this the value of the share?

A: No, Par Value is a dollar amount that is assigned to a security when representing the value contributed for each share in cash or goods. A stocks Par is usually a small dollar amount that bears no relationship to the security' s market price.

Q. Do you offer old stock certificates from companies no longer in business?

A: No, however we do invite you to visit which specializes in collectible stocks bonds and other very financial related paper collectible items.

Q. What is a blue chip stock and how did the term come about?

A: Good-quality stocks have been named "blue chips" for many decades. This term comes from the game of poker where the highest chip denomination is colored blue. This by no means is a solicitation for investment purpose, for investment purpose consult a broker for advise. Frame A Stock does not give or intends to give advise. Our company provides framed shares of stock for unique gifts and not for investment reasons. Frame A Stock is not a broker and we do not imply that our blue chip selection of stocks is a good investment, this category of stock is meant just as a unique selection of long traded companies.

Q. How is your pricing determined?

A: Our pricing includes all necessary transaction fees to obtain the physical delivery of your one share of stock in the name of your choice, these fees include, the broker fee, the transfer fee, the actual value of the share, and of course our charge for processing all necessary paperwork involved for this process.

PLEASE READ: Our company started in 1998, after conducting business for over 17 years, we are amazed at the pace publicy traded companies have elected to place ownership in what is termed "BOOK ENTRY" In the past year alone over 45 companies have ceased printed stock certificates and chose to have shareholders ownership placed in electronic book entry form.

Thus not allowing shareholders to have psychical possesion of a share of their stock. Companies, have started the process of holding your stock ownership in what is called "BOOK ENTRY" this term is defined as your ownership of said company, is electronic ownership of your holding held in account form instead of being able to possess the share yourself.

We are not happy these companies are choosing this way of ownership, however unfortunatly we are unable to change this method. This is why you will see on certain selections of stock we offer, we inform you that the company no longer offers the abililty for us to obtain a "real" certificate printed by the companys transfer agent, allowing us to frame it for you. However, we are able to provide a HIGH RESOLUTION image of the share of stock printed, with the registrants name, address, and date of purchase along with the printed notice on the replica share of stock, that this individual is a certified owner of said company, with the share being held in "book entry".

ALSO: Certain companies transfer agents charge a fee to us if said company still provides certificates. This fee is usually $40.00 but may vary. Therefore at your option you may order the real certificate if you choose to do so, however the extra fee must be charged to your order. We assure you we charge the exact amount the transfer agent charges our company to have the certificate printed. If you choose not to pay the fee: as you might feel it is not necessary to have the actual certificate printed, will receive at no charge a high resolution printed copy of the certificate,WITH THE REGISTRANTS NAME, address, date of purhcase, and certification of ownership of one share held in book entry of the company. We want to stress, that we assure you, we charge the exact fee the transfer agent charges us, and this fee is not controlled by our company. The Disney transfer agent, Broadbridge, charges our company $15.00 for each instance of opening a account under the registrants name, which explains why we must charge $49.00 instead of our usual fee of $39.00 dollars per order.

Q. Is this an actual share from a company?

A: Yes these are actual shares of stock with full shareholder rights.

Q. I would like to order just a plaque and or Frame, Is this possible?

A: Yes! Plaques may be ordered for $8.00 each, postage included. Orders may be placed online at our Plaque order page. Or our Frame order page.

Q. How do I contact Disney Shareholder Services?

A: Visit Disney Shareholder Relations