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Guaranteed lowest priced Framed One Share of SONY (Stock Symbol: SNE) is a Truly Unique Gift  | Birthday, Baptism/Christening, Anniversary, Newborn, Groomsmen gifts and more. Give a Single Share of SONY. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and have been in business since 1999. Sony’s Company Profile Sony Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the development, design, manufacture, and sale of electronic equipment, instruments, and devices for consumer and industrial markets in Japan, the United States, Europe, and internationally. The company's products include audio and video equipment, liquid crystal display televisions, personal computers, monitors, semiconductors, components, mobile phones, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Disc. It develops, produces, manufactures, markets, and distributes home-use game consoles and software, such as PlayStation2, PlayStation Portable, and PLAYSTATION 3 hardware and software. Sony also engages in the development, production, manufacture, marketing, distribution, and broadcasting of image-based software, including film, video, and television products. In addition, the company engages in motion picture, television, and home entertainment production, acquisition, and distribution; television broadcasting; digital content creation and distribution; new entertainment products, services, and technologies development; and studio facilities operations. Further, it engages in various financial service businesses, such as insurance, banking, and leasing and credit financing. Additionally, it engages in the development, production, manufacture, and distribution of recorded music, as well as operates a network service business, an animation production and marketing business, and an advertising agency business. The company also operates a domestic recorded music business that produces recorded music and music videos through contracts with various artists in various musical genres; music publishing business to own and acquire rights to musical compositions; an Internet-related service business; an in-house facilities management business; and an advertising agency business. The company was formerly known as Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha. Sony Corporation was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. *SONY is a company that charges $40.00 if requesting a real certificate*SNE is a class 40 company; this is a term we use on our site which indicates companies that charge $40.00 for the request of a Physical Printed Certificate.  For those on a budget, we offer The High Quality Replica Share option that does not require the $40 additional fee; this method includes 100% shareholder rights, just as if you possessed a physical certificate. We provide an exact duplicate or high quality replica of the certificate.  The replica will include the registrants name stating ownership of one share held in Electronic (Book Entry) form. Three to 5 weeks after the order is placed the shareowner will receive from the company a Welcome to Shareholder Services package containing information on his/her ownership of the share, vital documents, request for the S.S # of the individual, instruction for account setup at the website of shareholder services, the ability to join the Direct Investment Purchase plan (if available) allowing the purchase of additional shares direct from the company.  A checkbox will appear after adding to cart to order the actual certificate if you choose to do so. Note: Physical Stock Certificates are fading part of American history most are considered valuable to collector's especially popular companies that have chosen to eliminate paper certificates such as Disney, Apple, & Microsoft..or companies that are no longer traded because they have been purchased or gone private such as Marvel & Pixar. Spending the extra $40 might be worthwhile if you wish your giftee to not only be a shareholder but also have the collectible stock certificate or piece of scripophily or historical document.Buy Real Paper Stock Certificates while you still can. Official Company Stock Certificates are the collectible antiques of the future and are quickly becoming a fading part of American History.You Have Chosen the Perfect Gift However you need it Before the 4-6 Week Delivery Time?   *Rush Delivery Options! Choose Your Rush Option on the Next Page 5-7 DAY RUSH HIGH QUALITY FRAMED REPLICA DELIVERY  ADD $5 2-3 DAY RUSH HIGH QUALITY FRAMED REPLICA DELIVERY  ADD $19 CUSTOM EMAIL PRINTABLE GIFT ANNOUNCEMENT WITHIN 12 HOURS ADD $1 REGULAR DELIVERY 4-6 WEEKS   ADD $0 CREATE YOUR OWN INSTANT GIFT ANNOUNCEMENT  ADD $0  CALL 1-888-663-7862 TO ORDER A SINGLE SHARE OF SONY ASK ABOUT OUR QUANTITY DISCOUNT