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One Share of Disney is a Truly Unique Gift Give a Single Share of Disney TODAY! Please be aware the Walt Disney Company implemented ownership of stock as Book Entry only In December of 2013. Disney no longer provides paper certificates to shareowners. The order you place will be established as an electronic book entry shareowner account. However we will provide a High-Quality Colorful Replica and a book entry Disney account will be created in your recipient's name. The replica as shown above is printed with high quality digital equipment our company owns, the certificate will be identical in all respect to the issuance and likeness the Disney Company issued before cessation of printed certificates. The Lucky individual this purchase is for will have his/her name printed on the certificate and also will be noted as a owner of one share of the Walt Disney Company held in electronic book entry. OUR COUPONS We offer three coupons that are available for a Disney Purchase they are as follows. Use coupon code" MICKEY" to save $5 on a single certificate purchase. Use coupon code "Happy" to save $10 off a wood or metal framed purchase. Use coupon code "FreeStuffedMickey" to receive a $20.00 value stuffed Mickey when the order contains a wood or metal framed purchase. D-I-S-N-E-Y spells "unique" in gift giving! The stock certificate itself is colorful and fun, displaying some of your favorite classic Walt Disney characters like Dumbo, Bambi, Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck, Pinocchio, Cinderella and of course Mickey Mouse himself. Displayed in our White Lacquer frame it is an awesome decoration for a Disney-themed nursery or child's room. This wonderful gift keeps on giving, year after year. Imagine the look of surprise on your gift recipient's face when they open the mailbox and find a check from Walt Disney! The annual dividend check is mailed right around Christmas time. What a great reminder of your thoughtful gift, every single year. As a Shareowner you also receive the annual company report which is a great collectible. CALL 1-888-663-7862 TO ORDER A SINGLE SHARE OF Disney STOCK ASK ABOUT OUR QUANTITY DISCOUNT THE TRI COMPANY OF ONE SHARE STOCK GIFTS UNIQUESTOCKGIFT - DISNEYSTOCK – FRAMEASTOCK